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The products listed below are products that we have bought ourselves and use every day for travelling, living and working on the road. Adjusting to life in such a small space has made us appreciate little things that make our days easier and more convenient, and quality beats quantity!

When you shop through some of the links below, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This is one way in which we are able to earn money whilst living on the road and keep providing top notch content for you!



Tent & Trail Vehicle Awning

Tent & Trail are our absolute go-to when it comes to vehicle awnings. Their products are affordable, durable and extremely easy to put up, even on your own! Their expertise will help you to choose the right size awning (or roof tent) for your car, van or truck and they'll assist in helping you choose the right roof bars too. Bring the indoors, outdoors and extend your living space with a Tent & Trail awning. After all, the world is your back garden when you are on the move.


WaterWell Filter Water Bottle 700ml

This clever 2-stage filter water bottle from WaterWell allows you to drink water from any fresh water source, filtering out 99.9% of waterborne pathogens providing you with clean, safe drinking water. The lifespan on this bottle is 1000 litres, which is the equivalent of 3000 plastic bottles of water! Save money, stay healthy and protect the environment with this essential piece of kit.


Portable Camping Pressure Shower

This portable shower plugs into your car's 12V socket to provide a pressurised shower. The included S-hook and suction cup can be used to mount the shower head and the other end can be placed in any water source. Your baby wipe days are over. (Hot water not included.)


Adhesive Battery Powered LED Push Lights

Our first and proudest purchase were these stick-on LED lights that are budget-friendly and last forever. We stopped googling 'how to install a leisure battery' and saved ourselves a headache with these bad boys. You can even dim the lights with a remote if you're feeling fancy. 


ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station

This portable box of energy is probably the most important thing we have purchased as it allows us to stay connected by keeping our tech charged. A fraction cheaper than Jackery and no less awesome, a full charge lasts us around 3 days (based on 2 people using 2 phones, 2 laptops, 2 cameras and a drone moderately). Don't forget to add the solar panel to your basket, which charges this power station from empty to full in just 8 hours of daylight.


Bialetti Stovetop Coffee Maker

Good coffee is a necessity and whether you are camping or roaming in your van, this stainless-steel pot of magic will give you just that. Ours is a 4-cup size because, well, bigger is better right? No kettle or saucepan needed as this stovetop coffee maker is used on top of the flame. Add some Kimbo ground coffee to your basket as well for an authentic Italian taste that won't cost you the Earth.



'Quishion' Camping Space-Saving Quilt

Half quilt and half cushion - this space-saving, portable, van-friendly 'quishion' provides comfort that doesn't compromise on space.


Bungee Cords

Perfect for strapping down luggage, holding the roof bag in place, a makeshift washing line or a human catapult. Bag yourself these magical stretchy rainbow ropes now!


Roof Bag

Additional roof storage is a must when you live in a small van, and after lots of research, this waterproof roof bag was the answer to our problems. We chose fabric over plastic so that the roof bag could be removed easily and thrown inside the van when we need to access height-restricted car parks and park-ups. Grab your durable, lightweight and budget friendly storage solution now!


Portable Collapsible Camping Toilet

When you gotta go, you gotta go! Our tiny van doesn't have the luxury of a toilet, so this collapsible, space-saving loo is our go-to when we're out of other options.


Stovetop Double Toastie Maker

This stovetop toastie maker should be called the van-living answer to an oven. This badboy can rustle up pizzas, burgers, pasties and more! The double-sided feature cooks your food quicker, and the double-sized griddle cooks more. Separate the top and bottom pans and you have two regular griddle pans. This non-stick wonder will make dinner time a breeze.


Fitness Resistance Bands x 5

Your answer to keeping fit on the road! These resistance bands take up no room and can be used as an alternative to weights. 5 different resistant options means they can be scaled for all fitness levels and used on different muscle groups! Get creative!


80W Portable Solar Panel

This portable solar panel is our answer to off-grid living. It enables us to work by keeping our tech charged when we are living remotely. Weighing only 2.1kg, this solar panel packs 80W of power, features a USB output and is able to charge our 288W portable power station in just 8 hours of daylight. Reduce your energy bills today and switch to... sunlight!


Portable Gas Cooker + 4 Refills

This classic portable gas cooker is your camping staple. Keep a few gas cannisters in your van and this firestarter will cook your meals, so you never have to feel like Tom Hanks in 'Castaway'. 


Waterproof Dry Bags x 5

These versatile dry bags take up much less room than your classic beach dry bag. We like to use them as packing cubes to keep our clothes separate, and also inside our hiking bags to separate wet or dirty clothes. Also useful to keep tech dry in heavy rain or water sports!


Magnetic Hooks

Simple, easy hack for the outside or the inside of your van. We use ours to hang fairylights, towels and clothes. They also have a pull strength of 22lbs! Mag(net)ificent!

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